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  • Nov 17


    Visions of Grandeur

    If you in any way enjoy other people's misadventures, one particular TV show will probably not have escaped your attention.  Grand Designs is now a firm favourite with many, and its 'House of the Year 2015' finale is upon us. For the uninitiated, let's just remind ourselves how the average episode unfolds…

  • Nov 3


    Sanha's anniversary as block property business admin

    Sanha joined us last year as a slightly nervous apprentice with no commercial experience, and has developed into a confident and resourceful member of the team.

  • Oct 21


    The X Factor house: a perfect future block property

    BBC's X Apprentice is back on our screens. The 16 entrepreneurs are housed in a glorious townhouse in London's Bloomsbury - but what becomes of this beautiful house after December's hotly anticipated final episode?

  • Oct 11


    Flats in iconic property blocks on display to the public

    A couple of weeks ago, the Open House London Festival gave everyone the opportunity to visit properties that are normally off-limits.  This annual event sees London's historic and corporate buildings opening their doors to the public to raise the profile of the city and its most interesting architecture.  

  • Sep 25


    The great British property bake off

    An online property agent has been inspired by TV's Great British Bake Off and carried out a study of the property market in the home towns of some of the nation's favourite cakes and bakes.


  • Sep 10


    Property awards for 'ugly' buildings

    Each year, the Carbuncle Cup is awarded to a new building voted the ugliest in the country!  This year that honour goes to London's 'Walkie Talkie' building.  In 2010 it went to the residential Strata Tower building.