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  • May 23


    Lost and found: property secrets

    Have you ever wondered what was previously built on the site of your current place of residence? Or what might have occurred there long before you arrived on the scene?

  • May 9


    Battersea Power Station: iconic residential property for London

    The iconic building that was Battersea Power Station is being converted into blocks of luxury apartments. With a sought-after river view and luxury fittings, these blocks are set to be among London's most desired properties.


  • Apr 26


    An Englishman's home is his castle

    . . . and sometimes it can be both!  Castles and stately homes in the UK, such as Thurland Castle in Lancashire, are being converted into rental apartments.

  • Apr 6


    The village that time forgot

    If you've ever fancied experiencing village life, being Lord or Lady of your own manor or wish you could turn the clock back to simpler times, an opportunity has arisen that might be right up your street. An entire village in Yorkshire has been put up for sale.

  • Mar 24


    Street, lane, avenue, chase? Your address affects your property's price

    The telegraph recently reported that the name of your street helps to dictate the property prices.  A study of homes across the UK showed that properties with the word 'Warren' in their addresses are generally the most expensive.

  • Mar 10


    The anniversary of Blue Plaque homes

    This spring marks the150-year anniversary of the 'blue plaque.'  English Heritage recognises the properties and homes of London's former notaries with these lovely little signs - a modern day version of "Dickens woz 'ere!"