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  • Aug 22


    An Essex riverside marina property development

    Barking is not the first town that would spring to mind when comparing a Thames-side property location with Barcelona or Puerto Banus.

  • Aug 10


    Does your property have a private tunnel to the corner shop?

    We were interested to read this week about a new property block that's being developed in London's luxury Knightsbridge area on the site of a current car park...

  • Jul 18


    Flagging up a neighbour dispute

    As block property management agents with a dedicated hotline and a FAQ page, we're often asked about issues that could be classed as 'neighbour disputes.'  This question was posed recently: "My neighbour is flying an England flag on his property about nine feet from my bedroom window. Is this antisocial behaviour?"

  • Jul 8


    Are property prices affected by the local shops?

    A recent report claims that property prices are affected by the shops in your local high street! It quotes 'the Waitrose effect' as a factor in raising property prices.

  • Jun 21


    Modern Canal Boat Living in London

    Whilst we traditionally manage block properties, we're interested in all types of homes, particularly unusual ones.  One type of home making a splash in the property market is the canal boat or narrowboat.

  • Jun 7


    Why do Germans prefer renting over owning property?

    With the EU argument in full force, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the property situation of one of our European neighbours: Germany.