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  • Nov 25


    The most talked about property block in the world

    Whilst the discussions around America's next president are still causing a certain degree of, let's say, heated debate, it can't be denied that he has a spectacular home in one of New York's most desirable property blocks. 

  • Nov 10


    Dealing with winter in a property block

    The chilly season is now upon us. This means it's time for landlords and leaseholders to deal with winter conditions. Here are some tips.

  • Oct 28


    What does Airbnb mean for leaseholders?

    Around 80,000 British property owners and leaseholders earn extra income by renting part or all of their homes through Airbnb. That number is expected to double by June 2017

  • Oct 10


    Unscrupulous property management in Coronation Street

    Coronation Street has around 10 million viewers. Its story that's grabbed us recently is that of an unscrupulous builder who's converting a disused building into flats.  In the real world, this is exactly the type of client we love!

  • Sep 20


    The happiest places to own a property

    A recent survey named Leigh-on-Sea in Essex as the happiest place to live in the UK! The seaside town is just a short drive away from our head office in South Woodford.

  • Sep 7


    Good neighbours, good friends!

    'Neighbours should be there for one another,' as fans of the Australian soap will tell you. Unfortunately not everybody buys into this idea and life can become quite unpleasant if you find yourself suffering at the hands of unpleasant neighbours.