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  • Feb 23


    Spring into Action!

    Now that the weather is warmer, here are some spring maintenance tips for landlords of block properties - as well as any property owner.

  • Feb 5


    Potential block property in historic London parkland

    Trent Park is a lovely area of parkland and woods in north London, just a few miles from our head office in Woodford. It is an important historical landmark due to the significance of its former Mansion House, a 93-year-old property situated in the heart of this conservation area.

  • Jan 24


    First Little Pig Vindicated: Straw Homes Are Trending

    Remember how the first little pig built his house of straw and the wolf blew it down? Some people in the UK are following the pig's example. They're building homes of straw through a University of Bath engineering research project.

  • Jan 9


    What's it like to live in the Tower of London?

    Fancy living in a property block right in the heart of London's history? The Tower of London, besides being a tourist attraction, is home to dozens of lucky residents in a private community with its own doctor, chaplain, chapel and pub.

  • Dec 20


    Six Holiday Décor Traditions for your block property

    Are you decorating the communal area of your property block with a lighted tree this season? If so, you're following a pagan tradition!

  • Dec 9


    Security issues for landlords and leaseholders

    Home security is a vital issue for property owners, particularly those living in block properties. Here are some points to bear in mind about effective security measures...