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  • Aug 17


    We'd jump out of a plane for you...

    Property manager Jacqueline Kehoe manages a portfolio of blocks which range between three and 44 flats.  If you're a leaseholder and not happy with your current management, Jacqueline can carry out an RTM on your behalf.  You may have already spoken to her on the phone, or even had a coffee and a chat with her while she organises your budget and solves your maintenance problems.

  • Aug 11


    Our clients are out of this world!

    Curiosity landed on Mars this week after a 352million mile journey! What an achievement!! So what's next…?  One thing we know for sure, as soon as the clever folk at NASA work out how to regulate the temperature, they'll be making plans to colonise.  And as soon as building work starts, we'll be there

  • Aug 6


    Dark Knight Rising over Essex

    Have you seen the Dark Knight Rises yet?

    Not wanting to leak any spoilers, but we can safely tell you that it's about Batman! We love Batman!! He's a pretty cool character who makes people's day… a bit like we aim to do!!

  • Aug 1


    Going For Gold

    Olympic fever has well and truly lit the flame in our office this week!! After the excitement of the amazing opening ceremony, with all its sparkle and glory, we're ready to hit the ground running. We aim to always be winners in your eyes, providing you with a first class service, whether you're a building owner, developer or someone who plans to own your own freehold....

  • Jun 26


    Why you’ll love the personal touch

    Welcome to our first blog!  We've got a lot to say about property management, our team in Essex, what's going on London, news, gossip, chat… but we want to make sure we sing the songs you'd like to hear. So we're starting today with some info about the benefits of using an independent block management company like Vision - but please, please....