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  • Oct 22


    Happy birthday Vision PEM

    This week we're celebrating our birthday!!  Friday marks three years since Vision Property and Estate Management was born!

  • Oct 12


    Private rented homes under the spotlight

    Shocking research has shown that around 1.4 million private rented homes (37%) do not meet the basic standard of being a 'decent home.'  In the social housing sector, these homes would be deemed 'unfit' under the Government's Decent Homes Standard.

  • Sep 26


    No nightmares with Vision

    Three million property buyers have recently chosen leasehold properties over freeholds. This week, Channel 4's Dispatches investigated unethical private landlords, councils and housing associations.

  • Sep 14


    Flats - the rental property of choice

    Research has revealed that adding flats to rental property portfolios has become more popular with landlords.  16% of landlords questioned for a recent mortgage company's survey said they expect to buy more property to let before Christmas...

  • Aug 30


    Celebrating our team's achievements

    Here at Vision PEM we love to recognise the individual successes of our people, as well as excellence in the team.  So we're thrilled to announce that Sapna has passed her stage 1 IRPM exam! 

  • Aug 23


    Community competition to design new builds

    It was announced this week that British designer Sir Terence Conran is to work with the Government to create a competition giving communities a chance to design new properties in their own neighbourhoods.