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  • Apr 22


    Our local property management media star

    Proud drumroll….  Our managing director Roisin is featured in the glossy West Essex Life magazine this month.  The article begins with a précis of how we manage residential estates and multi-united properties in Essex, London and surrounding areas.  It then expands to investigate how Roisin spends her time and what makes her smile.

  • Apr 11


    Longer leases, higher values...

    Hot off the press at Property Reporter today is the news that almost one and a half million homes are at risk from shortening leasehold terms, meaning that borrowers and lenders are threatened with negative equity. 

  • Mar 25


    Helping you with the 'Help to Buy' scheme

    This year's budget certainly made a lot of people sit up and smile.  The government's new 'Help to Buy' scheme will offer interest-free equity loans of up to 20% of the value of a new build property. 

  • Mar 11


    A transparent service - there's no other way!

    There's been a lot in the press this week about letting agents clearly displaying their fees within their advertising material.  This has referred to the compulsory charges that tenants must pay to rent their property. 

  • Feb 26


    Does your property management team protect you from an ivy invasion?

    Ivy covered properties have been hitting the news in recent weeks.  An ivy-clad house in Chelmsford, Essex trebled in value after a major haircut. 

  • Feb 9


    Property management services for cute little bears

    Jeremy Clarkson's childhood home in Doncaster has been put up for sale.  If you're not a JC fan, what might interest you more is that the beautiful property was also the home of Paddington Bear!