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  • Dec 30


    Looking back, planning ahead

    This is the time of year when looking back temporarily takes over from looking ahead. The second half of December is traditionally a time for reviewing the best of, worst of and the most successful of the year behind us.


  • Dec 18


    Selfies and nuisance neighbours...

    So the word of the year is 'Selfie.'  Officially included in the Oxford dictionary and named as the most popular word currently in the English speaking world.  

  • Dec 6


    Thrilled to announce our success at last night's Property Management Awards!

    We're so thrilled to announce that we were honoured with TWO awards at last night's News On The Block presentation: Highly Commended Award for London Property Manager of the Year and Highly Commended Award for Best Managing Agent for RTM / RMC Block.


  • Nov 19


    Snap decisions could lead to property headaches

    This is not a Christmas story, even though it might give that impression. Instead, it is a tale of caution about being too cautious. It begins with one of the team receiving their very first Christmas card of this year, with five weeks still to go!


  • Nov 4


    You won't get spooked out by our services

    Last week's Halloween celebrations brought out some weird and wonderful stories of ghostly goings on.  Haunted properties have long been acknowledged as visitor attractions and this time of year spurs many to gasp in awe at tales of homes with tenants wandering about from days gone by. 



  • Oct 21


    A better service for leasehold purchasers

    The residential leasehold sector has pulled together to deliver a better service to customers.   A new property sales process will reduce leasehold transaction times by around a week, saving UK property purchasers over a million days of waiting each year.