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  • Mar 26


    Caring for your property with a mothers love

    The love and nurturing we received as children is often what shapes us as adults.  In the same way, the care and tenderness we shower on our properties is reflected in the way the buildings are maintained. 

  • Mar 14


    Eating WITH your turkey? Strange rules for listed buildings

    Some of the issues involved with taking on a listed property were perfectly highlighted in a bizarre situation that came to light recently.  The subject was a rare Devon longhouse, circa 1500, which was originally built with a 'shippon' or partially uncovered indoor area for keeping livestock. 

  • Feb 25


    3D printing: for a new type of property to manage

    How's this for property technology? It will soon be possible to build a house in ONE day - using a giant 3D printer!  It's true!!  It's currently being tested in the University of Southern California.



  • Feb 12


    Sharing the property management love

    Managing property, whether it's a block or an estate, takes care and dedication.  After all, we're looking after someone else's asset - and someone else's home.  If it's your property, you would expect us to ensure that we treat it with the same loving care as our own homes.

  • Jan 29


    Enfranchisement: do you really own your flat?

    Enfranchisement is a nice word!  It has a French origin and sounds pleasant when you say it.  But like many of England's 'inherited' words, many people aren't sure what it means, even if it's a term they hear regularly.  So what does it mean?


  • Jan 13


    Risk assessing your block

    There have been plenty of stories in the news recently suggesting that our risk assessment skills leave a lot to be desired (e.g. poor Michael Schumacher)!