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  • Jun 16


    Team building fun for our property managers

    With any team, it's always a great idea to take time out of the busy office and do something fun.  Not that we don't have fun managing properties - we do; we love out jobs.



  • Jun 2


    The top five things every leaseholder needs to know

    if you're a leaseholder, here are a few useful things you should know...


  • May 14


    Careers in block property management

    ARMA, the Association of Residential Managing Agents, has suggested that a career in residential property management offers excellent prospects for graduates.   

  • Apr 28


    Property development hindered by newts!

    The property industry should operate along very simple lines: locate, design, construct, maintain, manage (that's where we come in!).   Although this is not always the case…  The press recently reported that a massive building project on a 900 acre site near Milton Keynes has been held up for a year, at a cost of £1 million because of the presence of little green creatures.   No, not Martians, but Great Crested Newts!

  • Apr 16


    21 today!!

    Our fabulous Sapna is 21 today!  This incredibly talented young woman joined us as an apprentice in 2010 at the tender age of 17.  Since then, we've watched her mature into a beautiful, hard-working and highly respected lady.

  • Apr 10


    Property music fun

    As part of our block management services we ensure that the communal areas in our managed buildings are well maintained.  In an attempt to prove that people in the property and estate management business possess a sense of humour and arguably a good ear for music, we've created the Property Maintenance Top Ten.