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  • Sep 18


    Open House property weekend

    This weekend's Open House event in London offers visitors the chance to visit properties that are usually closed to the public.  It's a wonderful opportunity to see some of the capital's most historic, luxurious and beautiful buildings.

  • Aug 29


    Managing properties high in the sky

    I had a meeting this week in the café at the base of the Shard, London's 'vertical city in the sky.'    As I glanced upward at its 72 storeys reaching over 1000 feet into the clouds, I wondered what sort of residents are lucky enough to wake up to its incredible views across London every day? 

  • Aug 15


    Watery Property Facebook Posts

    We've received some lovely comments about our Facebook shared posts recently.   We take care to source photos that we think you'd like to see - all property-related, of course, but always with a twist.


  • Aug 3


    80 years for Dame Maggie and your lease?

    Dame Maggie Smith turns 80 this year and remains one of the most highly respected actresses of our time.  We're quite proud to tell you that this distinguished lady, star of countless films and TV series, comes from Ilford.

  • Jul 18


    Is your communal hallway as posh as an afternoon tea?

    Whether your communal hallway is this glamorous or has a more traditional, modest feel, it's equally important that it's maintained to a high standard.  

  • Jun 30


    Tour de France whizzes through Woodford

    Next week the Tour De France whizzes through Woodford - and will pass so close to our head office that the building will shake!