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  • Feb 24


    Managing blocks on Mars

    Five UK residents are on the list for setting up home on Mars.   100 people have been 'long-listed' from a pool of 200,000 applicants to establish a colony on the red planet.  The four lucky finalists will be moving into their new properties in 2025,


  • Feb 13


    Property management in Albert Square

    This month marks the 30th anniversary of Eastenders, one of the country's most loved soaps.  Based in fictional Albert Square in east London, the properties were modelled on the real Victorian squares dotted around that area.

  • Jan 26


    Block management for holiday home owners & landlords

    I'm writing this week's blog from a beautiful cottage in Wimborne.  The Dorset property has been recently converted from what was, originally, a funeral parlour!  The site has now been transformed into a modern development.

  • Jan 12


    Enfranchisement: a historical term, a modern solution

    We speak a lot about enfranchisement - mainly because helping leaseholders through the process is one of our most popular services.  But what does such a French-sounding word have to do with buying your property's freehold?

  • Dec 22


    Will Santa be visiting your block this Christmas?

    Christmas Eve is the one night of the year when we're happy for a strange man to creep down our chimney and leave lovely gifts and treats!  But what if you don't have a chimney?  Well, if you live in an apartment block in London, or a block of flats anywhere in the south east, your communal hallway is the main point of entry; assume Santa will enter there. 



  • Dec 11


    The stamp duty effect on rental properties

    While the reduction in stamp duty costs is an immediate bonus to purchasers, it's been predicted that this increased demand for property will lead to higher prices in 2015.