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  • Aug 24


    Property estate management: Johnny Depp's village

    The Depp village comprises of a main property, various cottages, a church, café, swimming-pool and skate park.  If you fancy buying it but can't be bothered handling the management of the various properties, we'll be happy to help out.  

  • Aug 7


    Happiest places to live: your safety, good amenities and nice neighbours!

    Property firm Rightmove has published a list of the happiest and unhappiest places to live in the UK. The results stem from a survey of residents' satisfaction, taking into account safety, amenities and neighbourliness to rank local communities.   So how well would our properties' locations rank?


  • Jul 22


    Property management in the country (It's all a Blur...)

    We manage an eclectic mix of properties: purpose built blocks, Victorian town conversions and country estates.  One property that caught our eye recently was the beautiful country house immortalised in Blur's hit single, Country House.  .


  • Jul 3


    Rising property prices is positive news for new leaseholders

    Reading the newspaper while having a tea break this week, we saw that property prices have risen by almost 20% in the London suburbs.  Good news if you're selling; a possible change of plans for you if you're looking to buy a new home.

  • Jun 26


    Is your block property insured against risk?

    Imagine waking up from a horrible dream.   You've been chased by demons, had to talk to strangers naked and your property wasn't insured.  Hang on a second… When you wake up, your property still isn't insured! 

  • Jun 12


    A property nightmare for someone else's neighbour

    Have you done anything intending only the best but ended up causing huge problems for someone else?  This woman's property-related act of kindness turned out to be a disaster for her neighbour…