Will climate change affect the grounds of your block property?


Is your block property surrounded by a lovely green space?  If you're lucky enough to share a communal garden you could soon be in for a major change.  The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) predicts that garden lawns will eventually be replaced by synthetic grass due to climate change.

The society suggests that are gardens will eventually be taken over by flood-proof flowerbeds and exotic plants, while new pests and diseases may become common as a result of rising temperatures and increased rainfall. With extreme winter weather conditions and drier summers, it will become more of a challenge to maintain British gardens.

If this prediction comes true, it will obviously have an impact on the communal gardens surrounding block properties. Synthetic grass is easier to upkeep than natural fresh, green lawn as it doesn't need to be mowed or weeded, but will leaseholders agree that it's a better option?

Alternatives to fake grass include dry meadows, gravel beds and cornfield annuals. The report also says that a wider variety of plants could be grown which can cope better with the new climate. These could give a totally new look to residential blocks that have previously enjoyed traditional flowers growing in their borders. So, it's possible that leaseholders in London and the South East can look forward to thriving grape vines and olive trees in their communal grounds.

A climate scientist working at the RHS claims that, "The threat to our gardens and green spaces from climate change is very real and is happening now. It is vitally important that gardeners have the information they will need to confront and adapt to the new challenges and that policy makers prioritise the importance of maintaining green spaces."

If maintaining gardens does become a challenge, it's one we will certainly embrace for our block property clients. We take care of communal areas, which includes managing gardens, car parks and other outside communal areas. We ensure that leaseholders and landlords alike have peace of mind that their property is being managed to the highest and safest standards. If you'd like to know more about our block property management services, call Roisin on 0845 456 8775.

(We first read about this in a story in the Independent.  You can read it here.)

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.