Record breaking £200m flat proposed in a London property block

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Ashley Tabor, the owner of Classic FM, Heart and LBC radio stations, has applied to create the country's most expensive apartment by knocking together two penthouses in London's wealthy Knightsbridge area.

However, the council's planning officials have ruled to reject the plans to create the country's most expensive flat based on their policy of increasing homes rather than decreasing the number. It got us thinking though…

How wonderful would it be to manage a property block with a £200 million apartment?!

Mr Tabor's plan was to knock together two huge penthouses in the luxury London block to create a 10 bedroom property complete with a cinema, butler's pantry and service kitchen. He bought his current home in 2006 for £15m, and purchased the neighbouring property this year for £90m - with a view to developing a luxury home more than 15 times the size of the average UK home!

That one property alone is larger than some of the blocks we manage in the south east of England! We'd be very happy to help or advise on the management of that one, beautiful home.  Of course, we usually provide support to block properties with multiple leaseholders but we'd make an exception.

The current record-setting apartment is a £135m triplex property up the road at One Hyde Park.

If you're the leaseholder of an apartment in a block property - whatever its value, or you're the landlord of a residential block, we'd love to help you ensure your investment is permanently maintained to the highest and safest standards. Please call Roisin on 0845 456 8775 to find out more about our award-winning services.

(The luxury flat shown in our pic is not the planned property in Knihtsbridge.)

Posted on Monday, October 30, 2017.