Plans are afoot to combine block properties with design studios in south east London


In an exciting development for block properties, 15,000 new homes are being built in the Greenwich Peninsula, along with a whole area focused on design and creative businesses.

This new district of artist's studios and creative workspaces is being carved into the landscape as part of a 20-year plan that will see a phenomenal district being created along the Thames' river bank. The £8.4billion neighbourhood will comprise of more than 15,000 new properties, sitting pretty in the shadow of the famous O2 arena.

The residential blocks will be supported by a futuristic new Tube station, schools, offices, a hotel, an ecology park and another performance venue. In addition, the planned 'Design District' will include a cluster of 16 uniquely-designed, trendy buildings with space for art, technology, craft, music, food and digital tech companies.

1,800 creative artists and start-up businesses will mix with independent market traders and design companies to get their businesses off the ground in this wonderful environment. What a fabulous place it will be for people to work and live!  The designers' properties are being created by teams of architects, each of whom was briefed to design a pair of unidentical buildings to be situated around a transparent market hall, with stalls serving world cuisine. It sounds amazing!

We haven't yet seen plans for the residential blocks, but we can't wait to find out how the area will be transformed.  We think the properties will be leasehold, so we're looking forward to meeting with the landlords to offer our block property management services.  If you're the leaseholder of an apartment in a block property - whether artistically-designed or traditional, or you're the landlord of a residential block, we'd love to help you ensure your investment is permanently maintained to the highest and safest standards. Please call Roisin on 0845 456 8775 to find out more about our award-winning services.

(The image is a stock photo - we wonder how the skyline will change during the period of this 20-year plan. It's certainly going to be interesting to see!)

Posted on Friday, October 13, 2017.