Some timely appreciation


During this frequently horrible wintry weather, we like to spare a thought for those unsung heroes of property management - namely the repair and maintenance contractors that we can rely on if any of our managed blocks need work.  These people often work unsociable hours and in difficult conditions to make sure our blocks are kept in tip top condition.

Yes, this army of dedicated tradespeople ensure that the rest of us are kept as warm, comfortable and as inconvenienced as possible. Naturally, as block management experts we only draw upon the best, long-established, professional contractors and service providers. Sadly, the same cannot be said for all such companies!

Anyone can claim to be a tradesman, have business cards printed and present themselves in quite a plausible way. Registering with many so-called trade associations requires no more than paying an annual fee and displaying a logo. Surprisingly, there is no overall governing body or even a definitive register of officially recognised trades.

Many attempts have been made, but failed, when trying to accommodate specialists.  And this is not just for tradespeople within the property field - it includes such businesses as dental hygienists, manicurists, legal secretaries and commercial pilots. Trying to source the right help, particularly on a large scale, can be seriously problematic. Which is why we prefer the risk-free option of employing trusted, qualified teams to maintain our blocks' communal areas and gardens.

So, as you relax in your nice centrally heated, dry and well maintained property, raise a hot cup of tea to a special bunch of (often undervalued) plumbers, roofers, electricians, heating engineers and so on, who undoubtedly help make our lives considerably more bearable - especially at this time of year!

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Posted on Tuesday, February 02, 2016.