Property management to ease your divorce

Vision Blog 5 Jan 2016

The property market is set for a strong start in 2016, according to the Evening Standard, thanks in part to post-Christmas divorces!

Interviewing a property agent, the newspaper reported that January could be the strongest month outside of the summer for property activity.

The agent was quoted as saying, "Come January, households will be picking up where they left off on big life decisions - be this downsizing, starting a new job, relocating overseas or even separating and moving out of the marital home."

When this happens, family homes tend to transform from houses to flats, introducing people to a minefield of leasehold property that they may not have previously encountered.  It's important, therefore to know that their new home will be managed and maintained with the same care they had lavished on their house. 

With any block, the key is to understand clearly what responsibilities the leaseholder has and which areas the landlord covers.  This can be simplified by having a managing agent that takes care of everything relevant.  Another factor for newly-single people to consider is the length of the lease; this an area in which we work closely with the owners of leasehold properties to ensure a lengthy tenancy that won't affect the market price when they find their next partner and move on…

Whatever the circumstances that take you to a block property, we're always happy to discuss ways of making the communal aspects of your home more enjoyable, cost-effective and efficiently run.  Call us on 0845 456 8775 to find out more.

Posted on Tuesday, January 05, 2016.