Setting the world on fire (for a good cause!)

fire walk

Natasha knows how to set the world on fire!  She recently completed a fire walk challenge to raise money for Little Heroes, a charity supporting a wonderful children's hospice. Her team of six raised an incredible £4,700 for this worthy cause.

That's Natasha all over - once she sets herself a goal she goes all out to achieve it.  Since starting work at Vision five years ago, she has progressed through the ranks of Portfolio Manager to Property Manager, taking care of blocks throughout Essex. With clients along the coast from Southend to Clacton she's more likely to be running through the waves than flames - but where's the thrill in that?!

What Natasha does find exciting is seeing projects completed from start to finish. Her ideal is to take a rundown block of flats and initiate a complete overhaul, from securing the roof tiles down to creating beautiful, tidy gardens.  (She doesn't actually do this work herself; our established team of trusted, reliable contractors do all the hands-on stuff!)  Natasha also enjoys overseeing 'Section 20' works: bringing a building up to legally acceptable standards.

Natasha is incredibly community-minded, taking part in activities around Wanstead, Woodford and the local areas.  This team spirit transfers to the blocks she manages, where she builds fantastic relationships with the landlords and all the leaseholders. Her popularity is no doubt a factor in our success at receiving customer service accreditation!

If you'd like to chat to Natasha about how our management services can help you to improve the block where you live, call her today on 0845 456 8775.

Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.