Veronica would jump off a cliff for our clients

Veronica 1

Veronica is possibly the naughtiest property manager in our team!  She's often getting up to mischief and then keeping us amused with her funny stories.  But we also have loads of respect for her - and not just because she's an amazing property manager.

Veronica recently soared 1000ft above a beautiful Turkish beach, paragliding over lovely holiday properties and traditional buildings, taking in the architecture along with the cool blue of the Aegean Sea.  She was on holiday with seven friends to celebrate an incredible 30 years of friendship, and it was during this group reunion that Veronica took to the skies in a scary-looking paraglider. 

She doesn't normally randomly jump off of cliffs, although she would if a client needed her to!  When her feet are on the ground, Veronica's job centres around keeping her clients happy and ensuring the smooth-running of their properties.  She handles insurance claims, keeps a check on gardeners and cleaners, and deals with 'Section 20 Notices' that deal with major works that may be carried out on the block.   Her role includes site visits, managing the budgets and liaising with the contractors to ensure the completion of a smooth job that finishes on time, within budget and to the landlord's satisfaction.

Much of Veronica's time is spent resolving leaseholder issues and neighbour disputes within Kent and Southend - the areas she manages.  With her lively personality and skilful mediation expertise
she always arrives back in the office with reports of happy clients.

If you live in a block and your property manager wouldn't jump off a cliff for you, call for a chat with Veronica and find out about the services we offer.
  You can reach her on
0845 456 8775.

Posted on Friday, December 04, 2015.