Visions of Grandeur

Vision Nov 2015

If you in any way enjoy other people's misadventures, one particular TV show will probably not have escaped your attention.  Grand Designs is now a firm favourite with many, and its 'House of the Year 2015' finale is upon us. For the uninitiated, let's just remind ourselves how the average episode unfolds…

Ordinarily, the enthusiastic but sceptical Kevin McCloud introduces us to a cheerful looking couple with overambitious plans to turn a derelict barn, tin-mine remains or naturally formed cave into a luxury des res.  Unrealistic budgets and timescales are divulged, apparently using methods based on the children's party game 'pin the tail on the donkey'!

So far, so good, but then we find out that none of the ill-prepared participants seem to have taken bad weather and the coming winter into account.  We are then treated to a long, lingering shot of a concrete base, rusting posts and soggy timbers sheltering under a leaky roof, while slowly sinking into the rain-lashed mud.  Several months, sometimes years later, Mr McC returns to find a more or less finished project.  He discusses the results with the now greying occupants suffering from bad nerves, after narrowly avoiding bankruptcy!

How nice then to know that you live in a solid, dry, comfortable and excellently maintained abode. You don't?  Well, what are you waiting for?  The blocks we manage may have been transformed - not usually from tin mines, but sometimes from beautiful historic buildings - or they may be purpose built flats and apartments.  Either way, we work with leaseholders, property owners and a team of trusted, expert contractors to ensure well-maintained blocks that are all managed to the highest degree.

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Posted on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.