Does your property management team protect you from an ivy invasion?

Ivy covered properties have been hitting the news in recent weeks.  An ivy-clad house in Chelmsford, Essex trebled in value after a major haircut.  Named and shamed in last year's national press as the scruffiest house in Britain, the new owners were forced to give their bargain priced home a makeover after they discovered the rambling plant had invaded their internal electrics, leaving them in darkness.  It took a team of workmen a week to clear the plant that had spent years upsetting all the neighbours - leaving behind an attractive and clean property that improved the appearance of the whole street. 

A similar story in Staffordshire has recently seen the property owner being fined £1000 by his local council.  While these stories may be funny (unless you live next door), the possibility of a property being neglected to that extent would be a nightmare for anyone living in a block. Hence the need for a reliable block property manager to oversee all aspects of its care and ensure tenants are living in a safe and well maintained property. 

What does a block property manager offer?  Well, for starters, you should expect no less than a fixed management charge and a planned maintenance programme, with savings on service charges as the result of using an established and reliable network of contractors.  Contractors who may, or may not, include killer-ivy-hedge-cutters!

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Posted on Thursday, March 06, 2014.