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  • Sep 8


    The property bank of mum and dad

    A recent article highlighted the problems younger people have getting a foot on the property ladder. With the high price of houses in London and the south east, buying a flat in a property block is an economical and wise choice.

  • Aug 22


    Mismanaged communal land results in shocking news for leaseholders

    Why it's important to ensure property estates are carefully managed to safeguard leaseholders' rights within their own locality: A couple in San Francisco snapped up a whole street for just $90,000 and will now charge residents to park!

  • Aug 7


    Autumn Property Maintenance Tips

    Autumn's beautiful colours will soon be here. Now is the time to schedule routine end-of-summer maintenance and inspections, so your property will be in tip-top shape when the cold weather sets in. This is relevant whether you are a landlord or the leaseholder of a flat or apartment in a property block.

  • Jul 25


    Liveable ‘Micro-Flats’ in London

    Tiny living spaces in residential blocks are becoming smart and liveable, especially in London and the south east. Affordable 'micro-flats' may be a critical solution for Londoners struggling on £30,000 to £66,000 salaries.

  • Jul 7


    Over 55s Are Moving from Large Suburban Houses to Smaller City Blocks

    They're affluent. They're responsible. They're mature. They're in the market for city housing. And, if you're a landlord, they may be a group worth targeting as residents for your block of flats.

  • Jun 19


    Fire Safety in Apartment Blocks

    Along with the rest of London, the country and the whole world, our hearts go out to the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster.