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  • Jul 7


    Over 55s Are Moving from Large Suburban Houses to Smaller City Blocks

    They're affluent. They're responsible. They're mature. They're in the market for city housing. And, if you're a landlord, they may be a group worth targeting as residents for your block of flats.

  • Jun 19


    Fire Safety in Apartment Blocks

    Along with the rest of London, the country and the whole world, our hearts go out to the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

  • Jun 5


    London's most expensive flats

    As you know, we manage block properties: blocks of flats and apartments, many in the London area. So we thought it would be interesting and fun to check out the scoop on some of London's most expensive homes.

  • May 25


    Is Air Conditioning Good or Bad in a Block Property?

    Summer is here! In the UK, 2016 meant record high temperatures; for example, one sweltering day last September was the hottest in 70 years. So, is air con a good idea in block properties?


  • May 11


    Managing Property Paperwork

    'Staying organised' has been quoted as one of the top four worst problem property landlords face, along with leaseholder turnover, late ground rents and legal matters.

  • Apr 28


    Property management fit for a movie star

    We love working with property developers right from the start of their projects to watch an apartment block or property estate develop from scratch. It's particularly interesting if the development has a specific historical or cultural focus.